Mitsuru Tateishi

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Born on January 1962 in Japan, in Tosu. Mitsuru Tateishi studies until to the baccalaureate in his origin country. He arrived in France when he was 24 years old, without knowing the language, without a visa, and without training. He mades little jobs like cooker during one or two years. He married and had two children, he left his job to care his children and to devote himself to his art.

The person who is the most influence Mitsuru Tateishi was his Japanese friend, the painter Itsuki Yanai, who lived in Alsace and reproduced work art in particular le Retable D’Issenheim in Colmar. Mitsuru is fond of the works of the Italian Renaissance, especially Leonard de Vinci’s drawings and sketches, and flemish primitive Jérôme Bosch. The unfinished side of drawings, colors, on layers of materials and colors attract Tateishi’s eyes.

Mitsuru began to paint when he was 35 years old and products his works like he was a chimist. He made his experiences with classification of the materials and choose materials (linseed oil, pigment, ceramics, and so on). He watched the reactions of chemical layers to apply, and then analyzes, looking for a logic to transform material according to aspect he imagined.

The most importante step of his career is the meeting with the art dealer Jean-Pierre Ritsch-Fisch and his exassistant Jean-François Kaiser. The day of their meeting, M.T was coming to have a simple information, with the hoarse voice – he was looked for a gallery to expose his works. The gallery took a look to his paintings, without success. The artist insists on several times during one years, until the agreement of the art dealer. From that time the gallery J-P Ritsch-Fisch encourages, defends, and exposes the artiste Mitsuru Tateishi since over six years.