Mitsuru Tateishi
Les Barbus Müller Granit sculpté 25 x 24 x 14 cm
DARGER Henry Blengin 48X 61 cm
VON BRUENCHENHEIN Eugène Tirage argentine coloré à l’anilline, 1940, 18,5 x 23,5 cm
CHOMO, Roger Chomeaux Stylo bille, gouache et marqueur sur papier 24 x 67 cm
KOCZY Rosemarie Encre de chine sur papier 42 x 35 cm
LESAGE Augustin
BARTLETT Morton Terre glaise 13,5 x 11 cm
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Outsider Art is a made of sensitivity and adrenaline

Jean-Pierre Ritsch-Fisch started his career as a collector in the 70’s with  “Figuration Narrative. In 1989, he came across the work of Daniel Cordier in the exhibit Donation at the Museum of Modern Art, the work of Michel Nedjar, and then decided to meet him and collect Folk Art. In 1996 he established his gallery and specializes in Folk Art and Outsider Art.

His gallery is amongst the first to display Folk Art at in international level, in participating, from 1999 onwards, at the FIAC. Art Cologne and Art Paris and his is the only French gallery to participate for ten straight days in the New York Outsider Art Fair. For the last five years, interest in Folk Art and Outsider Art has been growing. To cite but a few of the most consequential and most recent events: the Venice Biennale in 2013, the exhibit from the collection “The Museum of Everything”, the exhibit at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfort, at the Hayward Gallery in London or at the Hamburger Banhof of Berlin, or soon to come, next October, the ABCD collection (Bruno Decharme) at the Red-House Foundation Antoine de Galbert.

Jean-Pierre Ritsch-Fisch has been advising an important number of French and foreign collectors since 1996.

A collection is something you have to earn

Nonetheless, one must start it and the first acquisitions can be important, even decisive, for the future of your collection. In the process of creating a collection and when buying a work of art, the person may feel the rush of adrenalin as well as regrets. For every collector or amateur could have a second collection made of all the pieces that they let go.

The Ritsch-Fisch gallery makes a distinction between the two kinds of collections, according to the financial means of the buyer, naturally. Regarding Contemporary Art and Folk Art, and more specifically the latter, it is possible to start a nice collection without ruining yourself. A collection has to be deserved.

It should be clear that, on some level, it is always a sacrifice to make, and that we always buy beyond our means. So in order to constitute your collection of Folk Art, the Jean-Pierre Ritsch-Fisch gallery recommends that you should not restrict yourself to the ten or twenty artists who are at the height of fashion, but keep searching for those, big or small, who have made and contributed to the Folk Art History.

There are two types of collections: a first one to begin, and a second one, to enrich the whole. Avoid speculation, let’s talk about sensations. Let’s talk about pleasure. Of course, everything is subjective. Agree or disagree. Why this one and not the other? A choice is a matter of will. 

But never forget: relish your collection

Jean-Pierre Ritsch-Fisch